[LIVE TONIGHT] Social Media Meltdown #26: The Rise of Social Customer Service

When was the last time you angrily tweeted about a product or service you were unhappy about? Or maybe you took to Facebook? How many of those angry public posts got you a response from the company’s customer service reps? Customer service is a huge, changing market right now with the widespread use of social media as a form of user testimonials. On this episode we will be talking about why this is a genius idea, how it fits into a social media strategy, and some best practices in the industry.

Join us for the live and interactive show at 7pm EST!

About the Show
Social Media Meltdown goes live every Tuesday evening at 7:00pm EST for an interactive show. Interact with the hosts Katelyn and Joe, two veteran podcasters and social media enthusiasts, live on air by tweeting at them @katelynshelbyand @speedyf40 or at the show directly, @socialmediamelt. For more information on past shows and how to tune in live, visit the Social Media Meltdown FB page.

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