Here is what people are saying about Mike Magolnick…

“When you need to think bigger than you are and get past the limitations of your existing thinking, Mike Magolnick is the guy to work with for you. He is always thinking outside of the box.” Greg Buzek, President, IHL Consulting Group

“Mike Magolnick is a tremendously driven and success-oriented person. He has tremendous creativity and possesses some of the most dynamic personal communication skills you will come across. Meet him and you will immediately understand the basis for my recommendation.” Harry W. Hersey III, President, Goldshield Ltd.

“Michael Magolnick is an asset for any firm that seeks someone at the top of his game in business development, marketing, sales, brand management and corporate communications. He knows how to use the world of new media to maximize exposure and reach for the interests of his clients.” Karen Rands, President, Kugarand Holdings, LLC

“Michael Magolnick has a proven track record for developing the kind of marketing and branding initiatives that make an impact to your top line growth. He is smart, creative and daring and that combination has helped him help clients drive their top line growth.” Perry Keating, Senior Vice President, Agilex Technologies

“Michael Magolnick is one of the top business associates I know. I would highly recommend to do business on any level. Highly knowledgable, very quick and very easy going, with great social skills. Nobody writes better business plans than Michael Magolnick with such great value.” Alex Aksert, President, F.E., Inc.

“Michael Magolnick is very knowledgable individual, his excellent leadership provides confidence to his clients, employees and investors alike. Motivated in reaching the vision for his company, his accomplishments certainly speak for themselves.” Mike Pili, President, Video Person LLC

“Michael Magolnick is a very energetic, proactive person with great ideas. He has the ability to make everyone around him better. He is a genuine asset.” Richard Luttinger, Owner, M.O.R. Printing

“Michael Magolnick is a skilled business person and marketer that is able to take a concept to reality while making a profit. He is able to handle the day to day operational issues while keeping is eye on the horizon. Michael would be a welcome addition to any leadership team!” Richard A. Smith, Associate Partner, Bell Oaks Executive Search

“Michael Magolnick has become an invaluable and trusted network connection. He looks out for his connections, is intelligent and articulate, and has given me a wealth of valuable information and advice. He would be and outstanding asset to anyone’s network.” Flyn Penoyer, The InsideSales Guru, Penoyer Communications

“I am personally envious of Michael Magolnick’s many obvious achievements and his dedication to the pursuit of business excellence. One glance at his LinkedIn profile should answer any question about his determination or direction as a professional.” Rick Steinman, Region Director, Radvision NBU Americas

“Michael Magolnick’s level of professionalism, and knowledge inspires confidence.” Lloyd P. Lederman, Esq.

“Mike Magolnick is a phenomenal motivator and brings out the best in his employees. He is always one step ahead of the competition. I would certainly work for Mike again.”
Jeff Lamont, Former Marketing/Sales Executive, Domain Systems

“Michael Magolnick is very pleasant and easy to work with. He is very much a practioner of first seeking to understand, and then to be understood. His deep industry knowledge, drive to produce desired outcomes, and creativity yield an excellent combination of traits that get results.” Scott Thomas, Director of Sales, Mansell Group

“Michael Magolnick is an energetic, motivated, aggressive business development guru with expertise in marketing, sales, brand management, and corporate communications (PR/IR, human resources, etc). I would recommend Michael [any]where these positive qualities are desired.”  Richard Kirby, CPC, Career Coach, Principal, Executive Impact

“Mike Magolnick is an innovative, dynamic executive. His attention to detail and professionalism are matched only by his overall experience and his tremendous problem solving abilities. He is a credit to his profession. I am happy to recommend Mike for any opportunity.” Stefan Gutman, Vice President, Finance & Accounting Division, EDT

“Mike Magolnick is a hard-working, creative professional that brings a lot to any table. He is a man of high integrity who takes pride in his work and it shows. It is my pleasure to recommend him personally and professionally.” John Boynton, CSAM, Executive Recruiter, MRI Atlanta Peachtree North

“Michael Magolnick is a subject matter expert in the areas of business development, sales, marketing, brand management and corporate communications. He is a very hard worker and a very strong team player. He holds himself to a very high standard of business integrity and is extremely honest and ethical.” Bill Thane, Independent Contractor

“I’ve known Michael Magolnick for a short time, but it’s obvious that he is a tremendous networker and very well respected in business development and marketing. He has excellent insight and is the type of marketing expert that could really change a business.”  Devraj V Bhagwaani, Managing Director, State Ways Intertrade Co., Ltd.

“I have known Michael Magolnick for approximately 3 years now. I can vouch for him in that he is very intelligent, honest, and creative. He is a “go-getter” who works hard and isn’t afraid to take a chance. He is strong at analyzing a situation and planning ahead to realize the best possible outcome. I would highly recommend him to anyone who has a chance to work with him.”  Todd Felte, Vice-President Investments, Source Capital Group, Inc.

“I utilized Michael Magolnick’s expertise and services to advance my business and career. He introduced me to a whole new realm in the world of finance and venture capital. I’ve known Michael for over 10 years and have witnessed his success with many businesses. He comes Highly recommended by me.”  Christian Kelch

“Michael Magolnick has been a client of mine for several years. He has always shown himself to be a family guy. His integrity is very high and I would never think twice about doing business with him. He runs his business with the same strong family values that he shows within his family.”  Kevin Tacher, President, Independence Title & Escrow, Inc.

“Michael Magolnick has not only been a quality person to work with but he has been above reproach in his efforts to do the right thing in our business dealings.”  Matthew Major, Owner, Major Insurance, Inc.

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