Dr. Walter Burton

Dr. Walter Burton

Dr. Walter Burton, Executive Advisor

Dr. Walter Burton created, owned, operated and ultimately sold a media business that grew from two employees into an industry leading organization employing close to 100. As the founder, Dr. Burton was intimately involved with business development, financial planning, marketing, extensive training, new media development strategies, international business culture, employee hiring and motivation, and sales. After selling the business, Dr. Burton became a successful consultant primarily focusing on assisting businesses increase revenue by improving sales efficiencies and effectiveness.

Since 2007, Dr. Burton has been teaching a variety of courses at Florida Atlantic University, including Corporate Communication, Business Writing, Organizational Communication, Television Production, Interpersonal Communication, Intercultural Communication, Race and Ethnicity, and Public Speaking. Dr. Burton completed his PhD and dissertation titled, “Improving Communication Based on Cultural Competency in the Business Environment” based on personal experience and extensive scholarly research (Florida Atlantic University, 2011).


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