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What The Magolnick Media Company Does

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We KNOW that sometimes you need more… more than just average strategy. Sometimes you need a ridiculously-awesome, world-class strategist. Someone outside your inner-circle who has the ability to look at things from a new perspective and help you get over a speed bump… or a building… or a mountain.

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When it comes to strategy, The Magolnick Media Company is led by Mike Magolnick, a well-known industry-executive, consultant and Bestselling author of three books.

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Mike will take the lead on helping your company work out your specific need. As a company, The Magolnick Media Company focuses on strategic planning and execution for Critical Marketing, Social Media, Reputation Management and Business Strategy. Built in to that is brand strategy, internal/external communications strategies, online and offline marketing, domain name/URL issues, web development and management, content strategy including development, and general oversight.

Marketing & Social

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We help you stay on top of your brand strategy and provide direction with marketing that is a level above the rest. From social media to digital marketing to conventional marketing, messaging and content… with The Magolnick Media Company, you have a substantial competitive advantage by building the strongest possible foundation.

Reputation Management

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Reputation management isn’t just a good idea. It’s critical. Well executed reputation management isn’t about putting up a few posts here or there, it’s about a solid plan that incorporates multiple touch points and aggressive action. It’s also about a solid foundation and strong education not only for the company but for the people who have chosen or been selected to represent the company.

Who Needs Reputation Management

One word… EVERYONE!

When it comes to reputation management, there are two types of people – PROACTIVE and REACTIVE.


  • Take action early
  • Control the perception of their brand like a champ
  • Spend less money on reputation management


  • Take action only after a problem has already started affecting them
  • Are constantly fighting negative posts, articles and comments
  • Spend a LOT of money to just combat what is already out there

There is a substantial difference between proactive and reactive action. While The Magolnick Media Company professionals work with both types of individuals and companies, keep in mind that it is a lot easier to manage your reputation when you start out in control!

CONTACT US immediately to take control of your online reputation.


News and Events

  • NEWS: CREDENTL LLC is now The Magolnick Media Company
  • EVENT: more event notices coming soon.

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