Who We Work With

We work with people at all stages surrounding their social media needs. You might be a $ Billion corporation or simply an individual who needs assistance with their personal or independent business social media infrastructure. We have service offerings to meet all of your needs:


From setting up the infrastructure for your personal social media experience to launching your independent business into a whole new marketing realm, let us create a custom plan for you.

You will work with a personal consultant to set everything up and train you on proper uses. Everyone’s plan will be customized for their own needs. We don’t just kick you out of the nest, we will teach you how to fly.


Most small companies face similar challenges in terms of growth plans and use of marketing dollars. You can hedge your marketing budget with a comprehensive social media program.

Learn to use your Facebook page, Twitter account, YouTube portfolio, LinkedIn company page and company blog to help build your business.

Setting up an effective social media infrastructure can help with search engine placement and optimization, plus it can make your small business look like a billion-dollar competitor.

Your brand is by far your most important asset and unfortunately most companies don’t manage their brand effectively. As social media has grown, the public has become more and more in charge of your brand reputation. By taking charge of your social media, you can help control the public’s perception of your brand.

Social media is not a fad, in fact it’s becoming a way of life for a majority of consumers. Your company is or will be part of social media, whether you control it or not.

We are EXPERTS at helping to set up the infrastructure and ongoing plan for managing your brand through social media. It’s as simple as monetizing your Facebook page, your Twitter account(s), your LinkedIn business profile, your YouTube account, your company blog and more! By tying all of your social media together and creating a solid marketing strategy, you can control your brand perception, generate leads, generate sales and drive customer loyalty… not to mention the tremendous value of being recognized as a progressive, forward-thinking company!

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