Social Strategy for Direct Selling/Network Marketing Companies

What is ‘Social Direct’?
“Social Direct” is a new service for direct selling and network marketing companies from best selling author and social advocate, Mike Magolnick. Mike has more than fifteen years of experience in the direct selling industry and knows how to build businesses! He has more than 30 million social connections with people around the world including business, political leaders, celebrities, authors and more and his blog at Magolnick.com hosts thousands of guests daily.

“Mike is truly one of the real experts in social media, and not just another guru!”
– Troy Dooly, Network Marketing Icon and Host of Real Mentors Radio

SD base package includes:

  • Evaluation of existing social infrastructure
  • Creation of social accounts to include, but not be limited to: Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, LinkedIn (group and company pages), Foursquare (for businesses that promote locally), Empire Avenue, Flickr, company blog
  • Regular oversight of content and postings (includes reputation control)
  • Admin representation on all social accounts
  • Monetization of social channels (i.e. connecting all together, SEO/SEM optimization)
  • Consultation with key field leadership groups on the set up and management of individual leadership team’s social infrastructure


  • Company-branded social media conference call(s)
    – 1 hour call(s) – 30 minutes of education / 30 minutes Q&A
    – General education on Social Media
    – Current trends
    – Best practices
    – Lead generation
    – How/what to post and where
    – much more!
  • Content creation
    – Press releases
    – Articles
    – Blog posts
    – Videos
  • Speaking at conference(s)

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