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Corp Governance & Compliance.

In partnership with several professional firms such as Cogent Infotech, MAG offers a comprehensive range of corporate governance services.


Corporate governance is a cornerstone of sustainable business development and attracts growing attention from regulators and investors. By allowing companies to respond properly to external challenges, good corporate governance enhances the confidence of the market players and is a key factor for investment decisions, a fact confirmed by many independent studies.


  • Audit and analysis of existing corporate governance system, development of recommendations and help with implementation;

  • Improvement of the risk management system and processes, including setting risk appetite, identification and assessment of risks, and elaboration of risk management measures;

  • Development of codes for corporate governance, business conduct, and other internal corporate documents;

  • Assessment of corporate governance as a part of preparations for public offering;

  • Diagnostics of corporate governance at investment targets;

  • Assistance in ensuring the effective transfer of authorities to hired management;

  • Improvement of corporate governance processes at subsidiaries;

  • Assessment of the board of directors and board committees work;

  • Preparation of an annual or sustainability report based on global best practices, legislation requirements and the foreign stock exchanges requirements;

  • Comprehensive advisory services on information disclosure issues.

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