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Insights and Analytics.

In today’s competitive world, the only way to stay ahead of the curve is to be customer-obsessed.

The best way to provide a customer focused service is by getting to know them better – understanding their needs, likes and dislikes. Thus, companies have started using social media, the biggest focus group, to learn more about their customers.

Through our joint venture with global management consulting firm,  Cogent Infotech, we offer businesses deep social intelligence about their target audiences – their opinions, behavior, needs, product pain points, demographics, interests, and more.

We deliver AI based insights using Natural Language Processing (NLP) and Automatic Sentiment Analysis (ASA) to analyze millions of online conversations. Our data reach spans more than 300+ Million data sources across 80 languages and over 190 countries.

As part of our “Discovery” process, our experts sit with you to clearly understand the business problems, define the scope and determine the right data sources to gather data from.

If required, we integrate our complied online/social data with your internal data (such as CRM, Sales, Customer Service logs etc.) to generate better insights. Our experts then process the data using NLP to run a sentiment analysis.


Once the collected data has been analyzed, our “Human Intellect” team of “Real Humans” verify that the collected and analyzed data is pertinent and remove any irrelevant data. This double checking method makes sure that we deliver a high sentiment accuracy, over 95%, which could not be achieved by the use of any machine / program / algorithm only. Based on the clean data we’ll present relevant actionable insight in easy to understand format and provide recommendations.

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