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Hundreds of referrals given out every month.

 New business, new careers, new executives!

Partnerships, Introductions, Business Development Leads?

We've got your connection!

Let's face it... 100% of businesses and professionals want to grow their business and expand their network. We are experts at connecting people. PERIOD. 

  • Looking to increase sales? We can help.

  • Looking to secure new corporate partners? We can help.

  • Looking for introductions for sponsorships? We can help.

  • Looking for influencers to promote your business? We can help.


​Our network is substantial and we have the capacity to make thousands of referrals and connections every month.

We provide qualified referrals for several types of business relationships

  • Business Development / Sales Leads

  • Corporate Partnerships

  • Referrals and Introductions

  • Influencer and Sponsor Marketing

Find a qualified Exec...

So... you posted a job and received some applications... ok, you received 300 applications... oh, wait hit refresh, it's now 400. Anyone qualified? Maybe, but do you even have time to sort and interview all of those people? Of course not.

What if we can send you a few really well qualified people... already sorted. Personal referrals. Great people who we already know will hit the ground running and impact your business.

Remember the stats...

  • More than 40% of all hires are made through referrals and networking.

  • 88% of employers said that referrals are the #1 best source for above-average applicants. 

  • Referred candidates are 55% faster to hire, compared with employees sourced through career sites.

  • After two years, retention of referred employees is 45% compared to 20% from job boards.

  • Referred candidates are more likely to accept your job offer by a statistically significant 2.6–6.6 percent.

We own CWW Executive Finders. Let's talk and we can show you the value we bring with our professional network.

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