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Who We Are.

For more than 20 years, Mike Magolnick has built a reputation for entrepreneurial and corporate growth and success.

For more than 20 years, the Magolnick Advisory Group has provided strategic direction, marketing and operational services to clients of all sizes. We specialize in strategy for businesses from start-up to mid-size (up to $500 million annual revenues).


Since 1995 we've worked with hundreds of businesses and have been involved in more than 300 business plans at all stages of growth. We have been directly involved in the planning, writing, and the execution of business plans that have collectively raised more than $1.3 billion.

We specialize in...

  • Brand Strategy

  • Content Marketing

  • Insights and Analytics

  • Organizational Management

  • Business and Financing Planning

  • Competitive and Industry Analysis

  • Corporate Governance and Compliance

Mike Magolnick will consider engagements for...

  • Interim Executive

  • General Advisory

  • Board Representation

  • Think Tank Brainstorming

  • Networking and Professional Referrals


​We've had dozens a great success stories over the past two decades including buyouts, mergers, public offerings, startup launches, new product launches, great executive placements, global expansions and so much more. Some highlights:


  • Automotive company - $2.4 million to $35 million in 3 years; took company public on NASDAQ; orchestrated private buyout

  • Media company - startup to $30 million in 4 years; initial business and financial planning including $75k investment; developed all sales and marketing tools/systems;

  • Internet company - start up to $2 million in first year; negotiated numerous M&A opportunities 

  • Online learning center - developed from scratch; successful launch and buyout within 3 months

  • Global marketing - corporate expansions in more than 50 countries, including product and distribution development

  • Distributor networks - growth of global distributor networks with programs that generated more than 100,000 affiliates

Mike Magolnick

Founder and Executive Director

Mike is a 25-year executive, a 4-time Bestselling Author and a popular keynote speaker on entrepreneurship, digital marketing, operational excellence, social media, and reputation management.

He is a marketing and social media pioneer and among the most connected people in the world with a personal reach of hundreds of millions of people including business and political leaders, celebrities, authors and global thought leaders. Mike has been recognized for years as one of the top 100 global entrepreneurs to follow on Twitter.

Mike has run two public companies as CEO of one and President/COO of the other and has been a recognized expert in marketing and technology having been interviewed and/or appearing in print in the Wall Street Journal, the New York Times, American Venture Magazine, Direct Selling News, Entrepreneur Magazine, and The American Business Journal. In the past twenty years Mike has been involved with the development of more than 300 business plans that have raised a collective $1.6 billion in investor funds. Mike has studied at the University of Florida, Tulane Law School, Wharton Business School and Princeton University. He also has served as a 2-term President of North Texas Mensa.


Mike serves as a contract executive/board member for several client companies, typically in the role of Board Member, Interim CEO, President and/or Chief Strategy Officer.

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