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Background and Career Highlights

I have more than two decades of achievement in developing and directing strategic global initiatives in ever-changing, dynamic environments - working in multiple capacities (as an executive, as a Board member/advisor, as a consultant, and as a supplier/vendor). I’ve helped companies from start-ups to large publicly-traded enterprises across more than a dozen industries, hit goals and effectively plan for the future.


What I’ve accomplished for them, I can do for you too!

Paper Abstract


  • 4x author including ‘Tweet Tweet Boom,’ ‘The NEW 3-Foot Rule,’ and ‘The Social Media Symphony’

  • Helped grow global affiliate/rep bases by more than 100,000 active affiliates

  • Opened market operations in more than 50 countries

  • Pioneered a brand marketing business and boosted revenues from a start-up (with no investment) to more than $2 million in the first year

  • Helped drive revenue for an automotive franchise business from $2.4 million to $35 million in just under 3 years; took the company public on NASDAQ; and then assisted with a private buyout of the company

  • Cultivated a global social media reach of more than 800 million connections including professionals, celebrities, and influencers; verified profiles ​ on X, Facebook, and Instagram

  • Led reputation management (image building and image repair) for professional athletes, celebrities, executives, and businesses.

  • Assisted several clients with regional, national, and global expansions.

  • Assisted several clients with product launches from development to marketing/sales and everything in between.

  • Launched the design and development of lead generation systems for numerous clients, driving new business with existing customers and representatives.

  • Served as Head of Strategy for several clients, helping with infrastructure and growth

  • Engineered programs which aided in the growth of sales by over 40%. 

  • Served as the contract head of all global marketing, field development, and product development for a global health and wellness company

  • Contribute as a member of a six-person global executive team supervising more than 200 employees across 50 countries, 45,000 global independent business partners, and 75,000 customers.

  • Championed corporate communications, digital and online strategies, marketing, social media, and brand management for a CPG company which was a Top 20 global direct selling company 

  • Developed and launched an independent sales agent program with over 50 agents located in 15 cities. 

  • Wrote, edited and published more than 300 business plans that helped raise over $1.3 billion in investments.

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