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Success Stories

NOTE: the privacy of our clients is very important for us; as such we do not disclose client information on the site.
References are available upon request.

Business Reputation Issues

Client: Small Business / Florida

Revenue: $12-18 million

Problem: Negative reputation, multiple issues on first two pages due to disgruntled ex-employee and bad customer reviews holding up acquisition

Action: Brand overhaul, Google removal requests, Content plan, Social and digital infrastructure

Results: Clear online reputation within 8 months; company sold for 1.7x negotiated price

Engagement and Followers

Client: Small Business - Health Practitioner

Problem: They put out a lot of content with very little engagement

Action: Evaluation how everything is connected, tagged, and promoted; look at content strategy and audience

Results: Instagram and Twitter accounts at 4-7% engagement with 5-10% growth month over month, every month

Public Company IR/PR Needs

Client: Small publicly-traded company

Problem: Limited investor/public relations infrastructure; also needs strategy for communications and marketing

Action: Create organized system for information and promotion as well as PR planning; weekly press releases, investor newsletters, set up social media/blog infrastructure, published multiple weekly articles in Flag publications

Results: Increased awareness and new investors + strong brand footprint

International Expansion & Product Launches

Client: Mid-sized international health products business

Revenues: $150-200 million

Problem: Needs strategy for opening new markets (countries) and new product launches

Action: Evaluate logistics around new market rollouts, product acceptance, marketing, operations, staffing; Product launch from A-Z including sourcing suppliers, production, branding, and all launch activities

Results: Launched operations in 50 markets; developed product launch strategy for several new products; successful rollout and promotion of new products; managed international conventions and global distributor base >50,000 people. Experienced sales growth of more than 40%.

Promotion and Exposure

Client: Small Business

Revenue: $2.5 million

Problem: Company hitting revenue ceiling, finding it difficult to grow; current marketing efforts not yielding results

Action: Evaluate infrastructure and fill in holes - set up new accounts, connect everything, create consistent brand visuals and content plan

Results: Engagement increased by 4x giving the client more people to talk to and ultimately increase sales

Executive - Reputation Issue

Client: Executive / Public Figure

Problem: Severe negative profile due to bad press; 21 negative results on first 3 pages of Google

Action: Expand client profile footprint by setting up more than forty strategic social accounts, connecting everything and creating a daily content plan coupled with Google removal requests and direct contact with sites that put out negative results

Results: In 9 months, only three negative results remain on first 3 pages


Client: Small Business

Problem: Looking to create loyalty rewards program and increase value for all company stakeholders

Action: Create custom crypto token with full plan for reward utility

Results: Launched token on Polygon blockchain; tied in with benefits and rewards program; working on marketing infrastructure as well as token listings on centralized public exchanges and coinmarketcap + coingecko

Regional Bank with Failing Branches

Client: Regional Bank with 183 branch locations

Problem: Local branches ranked at bottom of company, pending closure

Action: Evaluate opportunity for success; discuss strategy with regional executives; take on contract role as Regional VP/Branch Manager; create new internal programs for outreach and client management

Results: Improved branch status from #155 of 183 branches to Top 3 in every category (Gross/Net Checking, Deposit Unit Accounts, etc).; Became #1 of 2200 associates in first month, achieving more than 800% of personal sales and performance goals; Cut client attrition by more than 30% in 4 months to lead the entire state; Oversaw all aspects of bank operations including cash in/out, audits, scheduling, customer service, compliance, etc.

More to come… 

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