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My Network, Your Network

Investment Chart

2.5 Million


$100 Million

$2.27 Billion


Active and Engaged Professionals in the MNYN Network

Referrals Given to People in MNYN

Sales generated from MNYN Referrals

Funding Commitments for MNYN Referrals

Executives Placed in New Positions

MNYN is a referral-only connection engine. Are you looking for sales, business partners, funding at any level, support services, or anything to help drive your business forward? 


What is the Network?

We have a direct network of more than 2.5 million active and engaged professionals. Over the last year, even during the Covid economy, we provided 2400 referrals, helping to generate more than $100 million in sales for our partners and contacts as well as helping to secure over $2.27 billion in investment funding and funding commitments. In addition, the MNYN network was instrumental in helping more than a dozen executives find new positions perfectly matching their skill level and compensation requirements.

What is the Process?


Our process includes a simple web form and a brief conversation to identify the holes that need to be filled or the problems that need to be solved. We will then scour our network to find the right people and get the solution ball rolling. We will provide you with those results within just a few short days and stay in communication with you throughout the entire process. 


How Does MNYN Make Money?


We make money on success fees, referral fees, and in some cases, affiliate and partner commissions. On occasion, we will receive some funds upfront if there is a requirement to help with due diligence preparation, marketing efforts or other things that will help you get in the position to realize the greatest result from our efforts.

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