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Supporting local Frisco TX businesses with funds and resources


We are Frisco, Texas-based entrepreneurs (offices at The Star) and we want to invest up to $150K in you!

We will be selecting up to 10 Frisco business to receive funds and other resources.



looking to raise money and grow your business


Investing in your business and providing necessary resources

Soap Store Owner


  1. You submit your business information below

  2. We will evaluate your business and see if it fits our investment profile

  3. If you are selected to continue, we will set up an in-person meeting at your business so we can see what you do and how you do it

  4. After we evaluate all of the submissions, we will select the businesses that we will invest in 

  5. If you are selected, we will provide between $50,000 and $150,000 in investment capital, plus offer our network of professional services to help in other important areas of the business.

NOTE: in an effort to set appropriate expectations, depending on the amount of submissions, not everyone will be contacted. Also, all negotiated investment structures will require some type of equity or debt participation - to be discussed during the face-to-face meeting. Participation percentages will be based on variables including revenues, business type, corporate structure, etc.


Are you a brick and mortar business located in Frisco, Texas looking for investment and resources to keep growing your local business? We are looking for you and we may want to fund your growth and help you succeed!

Thanks for submitting!
We’ll get back to you shortly.

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INVEST FRISCO is a program developed by Mike Magolnick under Flag Media. We invest real money and resources into selected businesses. Submitting a request is NOT a guarantee of funding. We will be selected businesses in Frisco Texas that meet our investment profile, which we will discuss at our face-to-face meeting. 

(C) 2022 INVEST FRISCO is a program in partnership with Mike Magolnick and Flag Media. All Rights Reserved.

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